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Retro Review: Apple iPod Nano (2nd Gen) MP3 Player

Duration: 08:50

Size: 12.13 MB

Published: 22 Januari 2019

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Revisiting the Apple iPod Nano (2nd Generation)
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2/4/8 GB Storage Capacity
iPod Nano holds 1000 songs and thousands of photos on 4 GB of storage
Download songs, podcasts, and audiobooks from the iTunes Store
Large, 1.5-inch color display is 40-percent brighter
Customize menus, check capacity, change language, and more from the Nano's Settings menu

The 2nd generation Apple iPod Nano music player takes on a new scratch-resistant aluminum body, it remains super slender but more durable, thanks to a seamless construction. The 2G Nano is a snap to navigate, it features the much praised iPod Clickwheel, which serves as the player's only controls (other than the hold switch on the top). The player comes equipped with a color display, it supports photos (with thumbnail grid) and album art, and has great sound quality. Supports MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF music formats.

A thinner design, stylish colors, a brighter display, hours of battery life--just about the only thing that hasn't changed on the Apple 4 GB iPod Nano is the name. Your music says a lot about you, and so should your Nano. The super-slim design--0.26-inches thin and a light 1.41 ounces--says you always have room for music, 1,000 songs, in fact. Durable anodized aluminum says you won't let the rough and tumble of everyday life ruin your groove. And the attractive colors says whatever you want.

A colorful music ensemble.
The iPod Nano measures up nicely.
New aluminum design, same small size.

Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks
Finding and playing music on your iPod Nano is simple. Menu options let you browse by artist, composer, album, song, genre or playlist. Want to mix things up? Simply click Shuffle Songs. iPod Nano makes your music look as good as it sounds, thanks to a 1.5-inch color display. Album art appears alongside your song titles, so you can see your music as you play it. And when you dare to wear iPod Nano, that display guarantees you'll say a lot without saying a word.

Photos, Settings, and Extras
If you can fill your iPod Nano with photos, then you've got a ton of images at your disposal. iPod Nano holds thousands of photos that you can sync from your Mac or Windows PC via iTunes. Use the Click Wheel to scroll through photo thumbnails the same way you scroll through song titles. To see a photo full-screen, just click the center button. You can even view photo slideshows, complete with music. Just select Slideshow Settings, choose the time between slides, transition effect, music, and then start the show.

This next-generation iPod Nano lets you customize menus, check capacity, change your language, change how your Nano sounds, and more, all from the easy-to-use Setting menu. Click About to see how many songs are on your iPod Nano and how much room you have left. Click Main Menu to select what items appear in your Main Menu, tweak the built-in equalizer, or set a maximum volume limit--everything you need to personalize your Nano, from backlight timer to audiobook speed, appears in Settings.

And, lastly, your iPod Nano is loaded with extras. Everything from calendars, contacts, and the World Clock appear in the Extras menu, along with a few more handy items. Take the Screen Lock, for example. Spin the Click Wheel to choose a four-digit combination and protect your iPod Nano from prying eyes. If you forget your combo, you can reset it at your next sync. Or use the built-in stopwatch to log your best times at the gym. And when it's finally time to play, iPod Nano features four fun games: Music Quiz, Solitaire, Brick, and Parachute.