Download Lily Meola - Daydream (Live Acoustic from The Flower Fields) Mp3

Download Lily Meola - Daydream (Live Acoustic from The Flower Fields) 4.35 MB - 03:10 mp3 by Lily Meola. You can also listen to Lily Meola - Daydream (Live Acoustic from The Flower Fields) song stream on MP3 Music Download,
Lily Meola - Daydream (Live Acoustic from The Flower Fields)

Duration: 03:10

Size: 4.35 MB

Published: 13 September 2021

Listen: 81,081

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I wrote this song at a time in my life when things were pretty beautiful, I was living in a house surrounded by a pasture full of longhorn, I was raising butterflies and a baby deer. I would travel back and forth between LA, Maui and Nashville pursuing my souls passions. I had a record and a publishing deal, everything I had been working for my whole life was coming into fruition. I felt the need to write a song called ‘daydream’ that wasn’t about love or heartbreak, I wanted something meaningful and inspiring…something that would encourage other young people to listen to their heart. After a few hours with Mags Duval and Casey Brown, Daydream was born..

Then the unexpected happened, my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my life twisted upside down. I lost my record deal and my confidence. I developed an extreme case of anxiety. My main focus was my mom, and naturally nothing else seemed to matter… After a fierce fight with vast ups and downs, my mom passed away. In that moment, not only did I lose my mom, I lost my best friend and number one cheerleader. I found myself falling into a depression, the grief and sadness took over me... Now after battling this heartbreak, I feel like I wrote this song for my future self, to re-inspire me to never quit my daydream. -lily

Video Production: Forrest Dein, Steven Melendez
Director of Photography: Forrest Dein, Adam Walker
Photography: Adam Walker
Video Editing: Dan Norkunas
Songwriters: Casey Brown, Mags Duval, Lily Meola
Filmed at the beautiful Carlsbad Flower Fields
With thanks to Damien DeRobbio, Alex Reid
Special Thanks: RVCA, JuneShine, Adam Walker, Dan Norkunas
Guitar: Natasha Chitymat
Bass: Camilla Charlesworth
Drums: Fer Fuentes